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Australian Made Products

Barista Supplies is an Australian owned and operated company and we love to support Australian Made products. With majority of barista tools and coffee accessories manufactured overseas we believe it is important to support Australian manufacturers and businesses. 

The local manufacturers and companies are better placed to understand the needs of the Australia-based consumers, especially when coffee forms a rich part of our culture. This is why we believe in bringing the local authenticity to the table, from coffee brewing to service and coffee experience. We collaborate with a wide number of local manufacturers who incorporate state-of-the-art technology to develop finest quality, designer and visually appealing products that are at par with the international standards.

Buying local also means that you save on your costing, along with assurance from us to find the best in class accessories and equipment, specific to meet requirements of all types of café, restaurant and individual baristas. All the products are sourced after a thorough assessment and quality check by us, to ensure we are able to provide the best in the category to our customers.