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To ensure consistent milk temperature when serving great coffee, the Temptag Milk Thermometer offers unparalleled accuracy. Unlike traditional thermometers, Temptags are stick-on and applied to the outside of the milk jug, promoting hygiene and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

With Temptags, there's no need to worry about calibration or direct contact with the milk. These hygienic and easy-to-read thermometers are highly accurate and come in three versions: Classic, Tri, and Pro.

The Classic Temptag, the original design crafted in 2009, remains a favourite among baristas for its precision, visibility, and ease of use. It reacts at 65°C, displaying a bright yellow window.

The Tri Temptag is the second design, and it reacts at three different temperatures: a minus symbol at 58°C, a tick at 65°C (indicating the perfect serving temperature), and an X symbol at 70°C.

The Temptag Pro is the latest generation of milk temperature thermometer, providing baristas with an instant indication of the milk temperature as it is steamed. With Temptags, you can serve coffee at the perfect temperature every time, without compromising on hygiene or accuracy.