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Water Filtration

The quality of the water varies from location to location, and when it comes to using water for coffee, it can have a significant impact. Not only this, the water quality also affects the coffee machine performance and longevity. Therefore, choosing the right filter becomes highly vital both for coffee machine maintenance and the espresso coffee quality. 

Great coffee taste starts with great quality water, which can be established only by removing the water impurities.

Barista Supplies offers the finest assortment of Brita and Puretec coffee water filters. Produce a unique, pure, quality coffee taste with filtered water. The patented technology of BRITA reduces metals like copper and lead that may be present in the water, along with eliminating all impurities. It protects the appliances from limescale deposits, resulting in an improved taste and aroma of coffee, along enhancing the performance of the coffee machine.

Our comprehensive range of coffee water filters and replacement filter cartridges are compatible with commercial as well as household coffee machines.