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Syrups & Powders

Add flavours to your coffees and cold beverages and create a rich, aromatic treat for your customers with our premium collection of coffee syrups. Bringing the delicious essence of coffee to life, the assortment of coffee syrups from Café Choice and Shott are a rich blend of fine ingredients, crafted to perfection.

Defining the versatility and uniqueness, Barista Supplies offers the perfect gourmet coffee syrup collection to fit your customer’s fancy. Specifically developed to cater to the needs of every coffee lover, the class of Shott combined with the premium flavour choices in Vanilla, Caramel and Hazelnut is the ultimate indulgence for coffee lovers. A widely recognised name across the nation, Shott coffee syrups offer smooth, naturally delicious, consistent quality flavour that makes every cup of coffee even more irresistible.

Guaranteed to provide best quality taste and flavour every single time to meet the personal preference of every coffee lover.