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Whether it is about coffee cupping or tasting, rounding out the brewed coffee’s taste with addition of sugar cube or a bit of cream or for another such practice, a coffee spoon is an essential addition to any professional or at-home barista’s kitchen.
Refine your coffee brewing experience buying from the comprehensive and contemporary collection of high quality coffee spoons, suitable for any home kitchen, coffee shop, café or restaurant. Our premier assortment of coffee spoons are made keeping comfort and convenience in mind for easy balancing in coffee cups. Reflecting a fine example of style and class in stainless steel material, these spoons are ideal to add to any coffee serving table in a commercial establishment or at dining room of your home.

From espresso spoons to cappuccino spoons, along with long spoons, measuring spoon and cupping spoons, we have the complete variety of choices to fit any and every specific requirement of the barista.

Keep in your apron pocket, store in kitchen drawer, slip in bags for outdoor use to add class and touch of perfection to your coffee brew with our premium quality coffee spoons.